A talented lyricist, guitarist and songwriter, JYC has been performing his original compositions from dive bars and lofts in Brooklyn, NY to libraries in Manhattan to art expositions Somerville, MA for many years now. He has recently put the finishing touches on the concept album Future Control, which will soon be available on streaming platforms everywhere. Below you can listen to a sampling of three tracks from the record.

Future Control was recorded at the Coop Studio in Astoria, Queens and Irvington, NY.

Clear your mind and relax your ears. Thanks for listening!


Sunday Shoes (Kevin Garnett tribute)

Enjoy this video set to my original song “Sunday Shoes.” The song serves as a tribute to NBA Hall of Famer, the great Kevin Garnett. Music and Lyrics by Jason Youngclaus, Video by Sydnee Bursik.

Have you ever seen the rain (CCR cover)

Blackbird (Beatles cover, West End Books Wilmington, VT)