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You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles cover)

“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” is a song written by John Lennon and released on the Beatles 1965 album Help! The song was influenced by the folk stylings

Late in the Evening” live from West End Books (Wilmington, VT)

“Late in the Evening” is a song released by Paul Simon on his 1980 album One Trick Tony. Ironically, Simon himself is anything but a One Trick Pony. He is

For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)

Stephen Stills is one of my favorite songwriters. In 1967 he wrote and recorded the legendary tune “For What It’s Worth” with the band Buffalo Springfield. On the recorded version,

JYC Music | Santa Monica (Everclear cover)

“Santa Monica” is a song written by Art Alexakis and recorded by Everclear on their 1995 album Sparkle and Fade. Boy have I always loved this song, I have always

To Poetry Publishers

Hey everybody — I am currently in the process of seeking a publisher for my completed poetry manuscript, Little Planet Raisins. The manuscript is currently 79 pages long and has been

The Mystery Behind a Great Chord Progression

When I first learned to play guitar I started with a chord book. My goal at the time was to be able to play a few chords and sing along

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